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A Guide to Olympos 6: What was in our bag on our way to Olympos? 

Things You may Need in Olympos

Author: Said Dağlı

Traveling is one thing, preparing to go is another. After we decided to go to Olympos with Ayşenur, we made preparations for long as the vacation itself. Unfortunately, we could not reach a sufficient amount of satisfactory content while we were researching what we should take with us and what we should carry. At the end of our trip, we decided to prepare this article as a short guide for those who will go to Olympos, what specific things that we think you should take with you when you go to Olympos.

In this article, we didn’t want to make room for things like swimwear or sunscreen that you should definitely take with you when you go on any vacation. We didn’t want to waste our time or yours. We wrote our conclusions from our Olympos experience about daily life, the sea and trekking, the things we say, “we are glad we took this one with us” and “I wish we had taken this one too”.

Said Dağlı in Olimpos
Photo: Ayşenur Dağlı

Necessities of Daily Life in Olympos

First of all, let me say something very short about the nature of the holiday in Olympos. This is not a comfortable vacation spot, it’s an adventurous one. There are no such comfortable five-star hotels, there are bungalows and camping places. Make your account from there, and do all your preparations accordingly.

Camera and Camera Equipment

On the way back from Olympos, the clearest thing we said “It’s good that we took it with us,” was our cameras and camera equipment. Olympos is such a place that it is as if a magnificent natural beauty intersects with a wonderful historical beauty and flows into the sea all together. After just a four-night vacation, our SD cards had accumulated thousands of photos. After we got back from vacation, we didn’t have the time and energy to arrange them all, so we had them screened. We have more than 450 photos that we couldn’t bear to sift.

Of course, I can’t tell you to buy expensive cameras just for Olympos. But if you have a camera that can take decent photos and you are considering whether to take it with you or not, I think you should definitely take it with you. Or, if you’re thinking of buying a camera and leaving the purchase for after the vacation, you might want to consider pulling it forward a bit.

A Cooler Pack

One of the things we didn’t buy and regretted not buying was a bag to keep our water and other drinks cold. While hiking or going to the sea and in any similar situation, a bag that will at least keep your water and other beverages cool will do the trick. Such a bag is definitely essential, especially for three or four-hour activities such as going to the Chimera or for occasions where you will be under the sun, such as going to the sea.


Frankly, we spent our Olympos vacation in perfect planning. That’s why we mostly didn’t have a problem with batteries for our cameras and mobile phones. We never felt the need to use the powerbank that we brought with us. But if you are going to act more unplanned or if your cell phones’ battery life is not that good, having a powerbank with you can be a life saver. It is impossible to find a socket when going to the sea or trekking on a mountain top.

Insect Repelling Sprays

We bought an insect repelling spray that we could apply to our skin especially for protection against the mosquitoes that would want to feast our bodies. These sprays are available at nearly all pharmacies. However, at least on the dates we were in Olympos, neither a mosquito nor any other insect bothered us. We brought the spray back with its box without using it. But I still think that you may need to have such a spray with you, especially for the road. Because mosquitoes bit me during our stop in Kemer on the way. Fish in the Olympos sea finished the job that mosquitoes started. They bite exactly where the mosquitoes bit and created little wounds, always all the time.

Olympos - Olimpos
Photo: Said Dağlı

Hiking in Nature Equipment for Olympos

I don’t think Olympos is a place to just swim in, stop by the ancient city on the way back and say “oh look at the stones, how interesting”. According to our observations, there were many families and couples who did this. On the other hand, we preferred to swim very early in the morning, spend the afternoon relaxing and avoiding the frying heat of the sun, and then climb mountain peaks and explore the remote places of the ancient city. First of all, our cameras have become our biggest companions. Since I’ve mentioned cameras before, I’m not pushing it any further and talking about the outdoor shoes.

Outdoor Trekking Shoes

If you have done mountain trekking before, you already know, you need to wear specially produced shoes for this job. I preferred Decathlon’s Quechua brand shoes, considering the price/performance balance. Of course, it does not have the quality and durability of a Northface or Columbia, but for the money you spend, it offers quality and comfort that will not disappoint you.

When it comes to trekking in Olympos, one of the things you should keep in mind is this: you can always find a pond or a stream on your way. We first thought of solving this issue by purchasing waterproof shoes. However, we decided that it would be pointless to buy waterproof shoes, as we wanted to go into the waters that can reach up to our knees. Good thing we didn’t buy waterproof shoes. Because this type of shoes breathes less, they sweat more and the comfort on the foot decreases accordingly. We preferred breathing shoes and we always carried slippers with us during our walks and a towel to dry our wet feet. When we wanted to go through the water, we took off our shoes and socks, put on our slippers and enjoyed the ice-cold waters.

Flashlight and Whistle

If you are going to do light nature walks close to where people wander, you do not need a flashlight and a whistle. Even when you go to Chimera, the tour drivers who take you there give you flashlights. But if you are a little more adventurous and free-spirited, if you want to climb higher and go where people don’t go, I recommend you take a flashlight and a whistle for emergencies. While walking in the forest, you may not realize that the sky suddenly gets dark. As you move away from the settlement area, your phone will begin to not receive reception. God forbid, if you sprained your ankle and fell, carrying a strong whistle and a strong flashlight (so that people can reach you) can save lives.

Hat and Raincoat

It is significant to always be prepared for different natural conditions. In the Mediterranean climate, you may find yourself under a downpour during the summer months. Again, due to the maquis vegetation, you may not find tall trees to create shade at some points during your tour. Therefore, it will be helpfull to carry a raincoat and hat to protect yourself and your equipment from water and sun. Again, in Decathlon, there are raincoats with a wide back that can even cover your backpack and that take up very little space by folding when not needed. It can be a very important help for those who say, “I want to be outside even in the rain rather than the comfort of a motel room”.

Ayşenur Dağlı in Olympos
Photo: Said Dağlı

Swimming Equipment for Olympos

Ordinary swimming equipment for sea is already clear. I will pass this part by briefly touching on three simple issues.

Sea Shoes

The beach of Olympos is not sandy, but stony. The feel of the stones is mostly manageable. During the five-day period, we did not encounter anything that could harm the feet, such as sea urchins. However, the semi-pointed parts of some stones can hurt your feet a little. Ayşenur came from Ankara buying sea shoes, I did not buy them. The decision is yours.

Beach Umbrella

We usually went to the sea very early. The weather is beautiful and there is almost no one on the beach in the mornings. Therefore, there was hardly a situation that required us to be protected from the sun. But if you are going to spend a long time by the sea, a beach umbrella is a must. I have two recommendations on this subject: if you have a car and if you will come to the entrance of the Ancient City every time, you can relax with your own beach umbrella. But if you are going to stay a little further away from the entrance of the ancient city and you will walk to the ancient city and from the ancient city to the beach with that umbrella each time, you can get service from the old pal who rents umbrellas on the beach instead of bringing your own. I didn’t ask for the price, but everyone was comfortable renting it, I don’t think it was too exorbitant.

Against Fish Bites in Olympos

Especially this year, the cases of fish bites have increased on the beaches in the Mediterranean region. Of course, what I call a fish bite is not the kind of piranha that bites and tears a bit flesh. Small fish come and kiss, especially on open or closed wounds on your legs, and sometimes they pierce their little teeth a little. It is not dangerous. But it is a nuisance.

We couldn’t find any solution to this. We said we would cover small crusted wounds or insect bites with a band-aid, but they dissolved in the water. Still, I wanted to open this topic here. If there is a method against fish bites that we do not know, that you know, you can write it in the comment section below. (You can always move if you want them to never bite. They don’t bite when swimming, they bite when you stop and linger a little bit.)

Said Dağlı in Olimpos
Photo: Ayşenur Dağlı

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