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A Guide to Olympos 3: Sea and the Beach of Olympos

What are They like for Swimming?

Author: Ayşenur Dağlı

We were in Antalya, the weather was warm, the sea was clean. Of course, swimming was one of our main activities. As far as we observed people start swimming around noon and the beach gets very crowded then until 8pm. Especially Said hates the sea crowd. So, very early in the morning, without even having breakfast (with only a very little snack), we got ready and went down to the Olympos beach. Before the sun hit the noon and before the holidaymakers filled the beach, we left the sea and hit the road on our way back.

The Ancient City on the Way to the Beach

Olympos Beach was a ten-minute walk from our accommodation, Bayrams. It is technically not possible to stay in a place much closer to the beach. Because between the town where the accommodation is located and the coast, there are the ruins of the Ancient City of Olympos, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is not possible to go around this place to go to the beach. (Technically, it is possible to cross the mountains and the hills and reach the hard way, of course, but just to reach the beach, you don’t have to go that far, you can pass through the ancient city.)

Olympos - Olimpos
Photo: Said Dağlı

Said have mentioned the Ancient City in detail, on his own blog post. Let me tell you this much for now: You have to pass through the ancient city to go to the sea, so you have to pay a fee. Buying one-time, two-time tickets is pointless. We issued a one-year Museum Pass by paying 60 TL per person for once. Those who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey may need to purchase different cards here, if you are not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, you should pay attention to this and research the most suitable Museum Pass Cards for themselves. (We didn’t need to buy the Museum Card in advance, we could get it from the box office at the entrance of the Ancient City.)

Olympos Beach: A Natural Beauty

Every moment you are on the Olympos beach, you feel like you are undoubtedly in nature. No matter where we turned on the beach, it was very valuable for us not to come across any concrete structure. Olympos is a well-known holiday destination for nature, obviously. Therefore, when we went down to the beach and went into the sea, we were more peaceful than ever before.

Photo: Tolga Ahmetler // Unsplash

It was also very good that there were no businesses occupying parts of the beach by putting their own sun loungers and umbrellas. (It’s not that there were businesses that got on our nerves on our next trip to Sinop.)

A Deep and Rocky Sea

Let’s talk about what the sea was like… The sea here was not a shallow sea, but it was not as deep as “One step, two steps, and then all the way down” as it is the case for many beaches of the Black Sea. It was a sea where even non-swimmers can linger and have fun without fear. There was another interesting point that makes it even more fun: ice-cold water that comes periodically and suddenly with currents… This sudden change in the temperature of water was both very interesting and very amusing.

Photo: Yusuf Dündar // Unsplash

If you want to swim comfortably in Olympos, one of the things you should not miss is sea shoes. This beach is not a sand-beach, it’s a pebble-beach. I bought sea shoes, Said did not. I felt very comfortable going to the sea. Some stones hurt Said’s feet. Said prepared a separate article about what we took with us when we went to Olympos, what we had in our bag. You can find that article from the list at the bottom of this post.

Fish Bites in the Mediterranean

As we later learned, cases of fish bites have increased all over the Mediterranean coast this summer. We also suffered a little from this issue at the sea. They especially come and find our open wounds, the spots where mosquitoes and similar insects have bitten before, and touch them with small kisses. It wasn’t anything harmful. It doesn’t hurt that much either. However, when you feel a bite on your leg when you least expect it in the water, your heart jumps. This small discomfort, which comes unexpectedly, can also lead to loss of pleasure when it becomes permanent. The best solution is to keep moving and swimming.

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