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A Guide to Olympos 2: Accommodation, Entertainment, Food & Beverages 

What to Eat, Drink, and How to have Fun in Olympos?

Author: Ayşenur Dağlı

In the first article of our Guide to Olympos blog series, I explained how we reached Olympos. This time, I talked about many things we experienced, saw, liked, and disliked, from our stay in Olympos to our thoughts on eating, drinking, and having fun in Olympos. I hope it will be of use to you as well.

Of course, during our short stay, we had the opportunity to experience a limited number of places among dozens. We didn’t get any kind of sponsorships or affiliations with any of the businesses listed below. In fact, none of them knew that we would write a such a blog series. We just wanted to talk about our own experience and show examples on issues such as accommodation-food-drinks-entertainment. You can also leave your own experiences in the comments section below.

Our Accommodation in Olympos: Bayrams Tree Houses

Olimpos Bayrams Tree Houses
Photo: Said Dağlı

There are suitable places for two basic types of accommodation in Olympos: camping places and bungalow-style hostels. (There are no such big or five-star hostels.) This type of accommodation is on both sides of the road from Olympos Junction to the beach. Naturally, on both sides of the road, there is a constant revel and activity created by the newcomers and those who are now saying goodbye to this place. Although choosing an accommodation among so many alternatives was a serious challenge, one of the most important criteria for us was the proximity to the ancient city and naturally to the beach. Considering this, we chose Bayrams Tree Houses as our primary accommodation.

Three types of rooms were available in Bayrams: bungalows, treehouses, and shared rooms. We preferred bungalow houses to be a little more comfortable. What distinguishes bungalow houses from other rooms for us was that we had our own shower and toilet in our room. Although the shared showers and toilets were in a great shape and perfectly clean (we had to use them occasionally) we still wanted the extra privacy of having our own facilities. One last note: our room had AC, and it was a big deciding factor.

Common Areas in Bayrams

Let’s talk about the large garden of Bayrams… This garden is the common use area of the people staying in Bayrams. If you search for Bayrams on social media or on the internet, this garden will immediately attract your attention in the photos. Apart from the benches placed under the lemon and orange trees, the seating areas surrounded by sofas, cushions and pillows enchanted us as soon as we stepped into the garden. During the 5 days we stayed in Olympos, the cushioned seating areas gave us the habit of taking a noon nap. We fell into the most pleasant sleeps of our lives with the coolness of the propeller spinning above us, the distant sounds of conversations behind us and the laughter of the children playing in the garden.

Photo: Said Dağlı
Olympos Olimpos Bayrams Tree Houses
Photo: Said Dağlı

Very Close to the Ancient City

As I mentioned at the beginning, the most important reason why we chose Bayrams was its proximity to the Ancient City and Olympos Beach. We could leave Bayrams and be in the ancient city in three or four minutes. It can take up to 40-45 minutes to walk from some places in Olympos to the ancient city. Especially for people like us who do not have a private vehicle, this proximity is crucially significant. Bayrams was one of the two or three hostels closest to the Ancient City of Olympos.

Foods, Drinks, and Entertainment

Bayrams offers breakfasts and dinners during the stay. Frankly, our plan before coming here was to dine at a different place every night, to mingle with the town, and to explore different places. (We had preferred to travel by bus instead of plane in order to budget comfortably for this.) But with the tiredness of the first day, we thought that we should have Bayrams’ own dinner and then rest. Bayrams was way above our expectations in terms of dinner. On our first day in Olympos, such a varied, appetizing, and healthy menu greeted us that on the second day we asked ourselves, “I wonder what will be for dinner today?” This curiosity lasted until the day we left. We saved our discoveries for lunch and made sure to be at Bayrams every evening at the exact time for dinner. The wonderful dishes of Bayrams, satisfying both the eyes and the stomach, of course, are offered to the guests by the efforts of the world’s sweetest chief and staff.

Let me make a quick note here: In almost all other hostels like Bayrams, there is a restaurant-cafeteria-bar-like place at the entrance of the hostel that is open to both its customers and visitors from outside. I guess other hostels probably have dinners like Bayrams as well. But we did not have the opportunity to experience the others, as we were never surprised by Bayrams in terms of dinners.

Of course, we did not neglect to try other bars and restaurants for lunch and snacks. The cheddar gözleme of Varuna Pension, which is right next to where we stayed, became one of our favorites. This flavor, which I loved from the first day, turned into a regular lunch snack after the swimming in the following days.

Enjoying a Nice Cup of Coffee in Olympos

The food is amazing… What about the coffee? As two Bilkenters, and most importantly, as two professional students, coffee is a must for us. (In case you don’t know: Ankara and Bilkent specifically are the centers for 3rd wave coffee in Turkey.) We thought that it would be difficult to find a place that made good v60 coffee outside of Ankara, especially in small cities and towns. However, Olympos surprised us so well in this regard… At Beaver Coffee Shop, we drank coffees comparable to the ones we frequently buy in Ankara. Beaver’s interior design was both in harmony with the texture of Olympos and bore the signature of a 3rd wave coffee maker. That’s why we felt very comfortable in a familiar place, so to speak, at Beaver.

Olympos Likya Bar and Doğu Arıkan

In the evenings, we preferred to spend time in Olympos Likya Bar, where we feel very comfortable and where musician Doğu Arıkan takes the stage with his live performance almost every night. Doğu’s was a performance that did not tire the audience, but at the same time entertained them tremendously. We loved the music style of Doğu, who interpreted the music he chose in his own way. He can establish a sincere dialogue with his audience and involve them in the show. We enjoyed listening to Doğu on the one hand and having a drink on the other. Also, Said loved to take pictures of Doğu on the stage, catching great poses under difficult light conditions… Our eyes and ears will definitely be looking for Doğu Arıkan on the first evening of our next visit to Olympos.

Olympos was Inexpensive

Famous vacation spots are infamous about the high prices for especially domestic turists. But we can easily say that Olympos was in general quite inexpensive. As we are Bilkenters (for those who don’t know, Bilkent is a little bit expensive than the rest of Ankara) none of the price tags had surprised us. For example, a gözleme with cheddar cost between 40 and 45 TL, and a cup of v60 coffee cost between 30-35 TL. Seeing these prices in our Olympos days, which we started by accepting the extreme expensiveness of the resorts, frankly relieved us a bit and we were able to spend a little more comfortably. (We live in an age where prices change very quickly. The prices we mentioned here were valid for August 2022.)

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