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A Guide to Olympos 1: Transportation

How to get to Olympos, Antalya?

Author: Ayşenur Dağlı

When we decided on Olympos as a vacation destination, the most challenging question for us was: How are we going to get there? As a couple traveling without a car, we had a hard time finding clear information. So, I wanted to share how we reached Olympos, what vehicles we used, the pros and cons of these vehicles and the prices as far as I can remember, especially for those who will visit Olympos for the first time.

Bus Journey from Ankara to Antalya, Kemer

We made a night trip with a standard intercity bus company from Ankara to Antalya’s Kemer district. It was much more economical than options such as going by plane or renting a car. We made our return from Kemer to Ankara in the same way. In August 2022 prices, the round trip cost less than 800 TL per person. For two people, it was around 1500-1600 TL. For our part, we preferred to cut down on the comfort of travel so that we can spend more comfortably on the vacation.

We arrived at Kemer Bus Terminal in the morning after a night journey that lasted for about 9 hours. We had read on the internet that there were buses going from there to a place called Olympos Junction, but we could not find detailed and satisfactory information anywhere online. We consoled ourselves by saying, “In the worst case scenario, we’ll take a taxi from Kemer to Olympos.” We could only get satisfactory information about transportation to Olympos from the officials at the bus station in Kemer. There were Midibus-style vehicles, they said, going from Antalya to the Kumluca-Finike direction from the Kemer Junction, which is two or three minutes’ walking distance from the Kemer Bus Station. It goes by every 30-40 minutes. (These times may vary from season to season, be aware.)

Kemer - Olimpos (Olympos) Yolculuğu (Trip)
Photo: Said Dağlı

Lingering a little in Kemer

We thought it would be better to spend 3-4 hours in Kemer, as we can check in to our accommodation only in the afternoon and therefore we will have extra time. We found a Starbucks near the Kemer Beach on the map so that we could see the city and have coffee in a place we are familiar. We took a taxi from the bus station. One detail: I think because this is a touristic area, taxis were generally commercial vans like Doblo to carry the belongings of the tourists more easily. As we staggered along with our suitcases in hand, we thought what a good choice this was for such vacation destinations.

As we are from Ankara, sitting at a Starbucks and watching people having fun at the beach is an image that I still cannot fully grasp in my mind. Of course, this was not a coffee shop environment where laptops existed as table decorations. One way or another, it was very good for Said and me to sit and breathe and relieve the tiredness of the long night journey. As the hours passed, the temperature of Kemer became unbearable for us, so we decided to set out for Olympos. We took a taxi again and got off at Kemer Bus Station, where we hope to find Kumluca – Finike buses.

Yes, we saw Kemer from the corner of our eye and satisfied our curiosity. Was it worth it? I am not sure. I wish we had gone straight to Olympos.

Kemer Olimpos Yolculuğunda Ayşenur (Journey to Kemer)
Photo: Said Dağlı

Journey to Olympos Junction

In order to travel from Kemer to Olympos, you must first arrive at the Olympos Junction on the highway. Buses going in the Kumluca-Finike direction go up to the Junction and pass every half an hour. This journey takes 40 to 45 minutes. As of August 2022, the price is 30 TL per person.

Let me make another note. We came Kemer District by intercity bus since Kemer District is closer to Olympos. We learned later that the buses going to this Kumluca-Finike direction depart from the city center of Antalya. Instead of Kemer, we could get off there and take the Kumluca-Finike buses from the city center, as well.

Olympos and Çıralı are neighboring districts. They get close enough to touch each other on the beach. But there is a steep hill between these two towns. It is only possible to cross them on foot on the beach. The junctions of these two districts on the highway are also very close to each other. Coming from Kemer direction, we arrived at the Junction a few minutes after passing the Çıralı Intersection.

Olimpos Kavşağına Doğru Yolculukta Said ve Ayşenur (Journey to Olympos Junction)
Photo: Said Dağlı

From Olympos Junction to the Town

As soon as we got off at the junction, the roadside resting facility caught our attention. Here, you can drink your tea, ayran, and fill your stomach if you are hungry, while you wait for the vehicle (which will take you to the town) to depart. As a matter of fact, we drank our cold and salty ayran with pleasure and came to ourselves. In the hot weather, it went so well on top of our fatigue…

Minibuses that will take you from the highway to Olympos departs every 30 or 60 minutes, according to the time of the day. We didn’t get a clear answer but we assume that the last minibus takes its journey at 8 or 9 pm. Let me add before I forget that we paid 20 TL per person for this journey from the intersection to Olympos.

Olympos road has lots of bends. We descended as it rattled and wobbled down. The only negative aspect of this trip was that the minibus was quite crowded. It was hard to breathe inside the minibus because of the crowd and the hot weather. (I don’t know if this crowd was normal or just a one-off, as we technically only make this trip down the intersection once.)

But when you accept this situation as the spice of this journey, it turns into a very fun activity. As we approached Olympos, the driver started to shout the names of the hostels one by one. It was very nice to me that the names of the stops were shaped according to the places of accommodation. The moment I heard the name of our accommodation (Bayrams) from the driver, it was already in my mind as a nice detail.

As a result, we have completed our journey from Ankara to Kemer, from Kemer to Olympos Junction, and from Olympos Junction to Olympos with a total of three vehicles. For August 2022, we paid a total of 800 TL for two people to reach Kemer, 60 TL to Olympos Junction and 40 TL to Olimpos by intercity bus. To go to Olympos and to come back Ankara, we spent a total of 1800 TL for me and Said.

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